Frances M. Thompson

Writing thrillers about killers, and spicy romance about bisexual disaster-heroes.

Welcome to my World!

....where nearly everybody is bisexual or queer! Yes, really.

Hi! I'm so happy you're here. I'm Frances M. Thompson, the author of spicy contemporary romances and thrillers about killers.

Yes, I write in two very different genres.

So, what's the one thing you can expect from all of my books? Well, they will make you feel and make you think. And make you smile and make you laugh. And some of them will make you believe in love again, while others will tear your sweet heart out and stomp on it. Sorry about that. But I promise, above all, these books will move you, one way or another.

Bisexual Romance

Sun, Moon & Stars Series

Kicking off with Five Sunsets, and continuing with The Moon Also Rises and Too Many Stars to Count, the Sun, Moon & Stars series comprises of three spicy romances featuring a cast of interconnected characters.

First we meet Marty and Jenna whose love grows on the Greek island they meet on. Jenna is there staying with her brother, resort manager (and chaos demon!) Jake who has his own love story in The Moon Also Rises. The final book in the series, Too Many Stars to Count tells the story and queer awakening of Maeve, Marty's take-no-prisoners younger sister.

Each book features at least one multisexual MC and all the positive queer rep.

Stars on Dark Sky

The London Killing Series

London is a city for sinners and sinning. London is a capital of crime, but not necessarily the ones you read about in the newspapers. London was built and is sustained on dodgy deals and dirty deeds.

And someone has to do something about it...

London Killing is an as yet incomplete series of suspense thrillers set in a criminal underworld of London. It's dark, it's twisted and it takes no prisoners, a lot like the people the books are about. Read it at your own risk...

About Frances M. Thompson

Frances M. Thompson is the author of contemporary fiction and poetry. Her books include the spicy romance series Sun, Moon & Stars (start with Five Sunsets), the poetry collection Lover Mother Other, and the London Killing series of suspense-thrillers.

All of her books have (positive) Bi+ representation because that's what she needed more of growing up.

Originally from London, UK, Frances now lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with her partner and two young kids. When not reading or writing books, she can be found dancing in her kitchen, faffing with her houseplants or swearing her way through an open water swim.

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